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Saturday, 26 June 2010


Poo is H.P's sidekick, codename 009. He helps H.P. Superhero to save the Earth from numerous scoundrels and villians.

Poo, was an ordinary boy, and H.P.'s friend on the planet Rectomy.  The only other survivor of the meteorite shower.  Using skills honed from listening to H.P.'s Dad, he assembled the Hellibogter and sailed down to Earth, following the escape pod housing his friend.  Although alive, the effects of the meteorites transmogrified Poo into the form we all know.

On Earth, Poo continues his interest in science, keeping up to date with the latest technology. He even invents his own gadgets using other peoples waste that they throw away.  When he is not helping H.P. to save the Earth he relaxes by playing computer games.

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