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Monday, 28 June 2010

Amazing Amazonion Water Lilies

I love plants. One of my favourites is the Giant Amazon Water Lily (Victoria Amazonica), named after Queen Victoria. I like it because of it's enormous lily pads.

jwpriebe image

It's leaves can grow up to 3 metres in diameter on a stalk of 7-8 metres in length. You can even stand on them..

The leaves have inspired architects designs in the past and recently. The ribbed underside of the lily pad was the inspiration for the Crystal Palace which was built in 1851 to house the Great Exhibition. It stood 33 metres high and was 564 metres long. Sadly, in 1936 it was destroyed in a fire.

jwpriebe image

 In modern times lily pads have inspired green ideas to help with climate change:
floating lily pad cities for refugees displaced by rising  sea levels; http://tinyurl.com/6mykcn
and solar lily pads; http://tinyurl.com/5ncwma
They truly are wonderful plants.

Larry l'Ardarse

 Larry l'Ardarse is overweight.  He wants to help save the planet, but he just can't stop snacking and ending up in sticky situations.  Mars, Galaxy, Milky Way, Star Bar...if you are what you eat then Larry l'Ardarse is a planet !!

Fred the Fly

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  Nobody does it better than Fred the Fly, an agent of decay.  To humans he is seen as a  nuisance, but to his 500 children he's a great Dad and an expert in rotting organic matter.


 Bazza is the world's cheapest footballer.  He loves football and thinks he's the best, but he just hasn't got what it takes.  C'mon Bazza !!

Crater Face

 A teenage boy whose face is an environmental disaster !!.  A crust of treacherous chasms and volcanic eruptions form an inhospitable landscape...  but his Mum loves him.

Cathy the Conservationist

 Cathy is a teenage girl who wants to be an environmental activist when she leaves school.  She is pro-active and political and greatly concerned about the environment. 

 Being the only member of her school's Eco Group that she set up, and the only person that helps out in the school garden is a lonely life.  So she keeps busy finding out the latest environmental news.  Everybody she knows thinks that saving the Earth is boring, and do not listen to what she has to say at all.

 Fashion and make-up are are what Cathy likes best, but only if it's green fashion and cruelty free make-up. She loves to go shopping for green products with zero packaging. When she's not shopping she likes to read or go to the cinema, especially if it's an environmental disaster film !

Elvira Mental

 Elvira is just mad about animals and has lots of pets.  Her main interest is the preservation of natural habitats and protection of endangered species. She is a member of W.W.F and the R.S.P.B. 

 Elvira's favourite pastime is art and craft, especially making things out of recycled materials.  Although she is a thoughtful and careful girl , her boundless enthusiasm often spills over turning her good deeds into disaster. 

Ann Oy

 Ann Oy is Billy Butt's little sister.  A terrible toddler who is always saying "I WANT !!". She is an expert in pester power and in charge of her parents.  Ann Oy is the ultimate annoyance.

Billy Butt he's a right hard nut.

The misguided big brother of Ann Oy.  What more can I say, he's a bully!!

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Fairy Nuff the Tooth Fairy from Hell

Fairy Nuff is a male tooth fairy.  He hates pink and he hates his job. Leaving money under children's pillows when their teeth fall out naturally is unbearable for him. He wants all the money!!.
 Devising schemes and hatching plans to get extra teeth for extra cash he usually finds misfortune.  He would even punch your teeth out if he could do, but that would break the Fairy Code.  Fairy Nuff was one of the original members of The Big Greenie Gang in 1995. 


Poo is H.P's sidekick, codename 009. He helps H.P. Superhero to save the Earth from numerous scoundrels and villians.

Poo, was an ordinary boy, and H.P.'s friend on the planet Rectomy.  The only other survivor of the meteorite shower.  Using skills honed from listening to H.P.'s Dad, he assembled the Hellibogter and sailed down to Earth, following the escape pod housing his friend.  Although alive, the effects of the meteorites transmogrified Poo into the form we all know.

On Earth, Poo continues his interest in science, keeping up to date with the latest technology. He even invents his own gadgets using other peoples waste that they throw away.  When he is not helping H.P. to save the Earth he relaxes by playing computer games.

H.P. Superhero


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