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Saturday, 26 June 2010

H.P. Superhero

 Powered by methane and working on behalf of The Houses of Parliament, H.P. Superhero is on a mission to save the earth, his adopted planet, from environmental disaster.

 H.P. was born on the distant planet Rectomy which is orbited by it's own moon, Mianus. Disaster struck when Rectomy was hit by a meteorite shower from Mianus, destroying the planets' Meplopolis and wiping out it's inhabitants. Only H.P. and his friend survived. H.P's father, a leading scientist, released his son into the atmosphere, inside an escape pod.

 Landing on Earth, H.P. was found by a kind soul who gave him shelter in her London council house. She named him Fred Higgins and all was ordinary until a serving of beans on toast revealed his superhero powers.

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